RFID Pallets

RFID is the "Radio Frequency Identification" acronym, 
The RFID system consists of the sensor (Reader) and RFID tags (Tag). The operation is that the sensor emitting radio waves to RFID tag.  Within the sensing range of RFID tag, the electromagnetic induction produces a current supply to RFID tag chip. So the tag chip can operate and emit electromagnetic waves response back to the sensor.
RFID particularly is suitable for use in tracking and identification of persons or goods movement, Therefore RFID is widely used in warehouse storage systems, flow control, and electronic information, etc.  
RFID has been globally harmonized in the ISO standard. While being optimistic about the business opportunities arising from RFID, we have developed existing products with RFID capability.  This capability allows the material information fully presented. So the warehouse management saves time and effort.  It is the best helper for automated warehouse system.