Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Shin-Tai Future Prospects: A Dream Factory of Producing Superior Quality Plastics Products

Future Outlook of Shin Tai Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.: The plastic factory of our dreams.

We cautiously and conscientiously work hard around the clock. Adhering to the spirit of diligence and prudence and the attitudes of being down-to-earth and getting to the bottom of things, we hope to create better products and services to contribute to the general public.
All members adopt the working attitudes and beliefs of “benevolence”, “dedication”, and “focus.” The industrial elites are gathered, including 120 senior technicians, professional designers, and marketing representatives. Customers first - From customer demands, market-oriented analysis, product R&D design, to mold manufacturing, injection molding manufacturing, extrusion molding manufacturing, logistic warehousing and delivery, and customer complaint and consumer service tracking departments, professional talents are designated to take responsibility. The employees that work in unity in business management have contributed to the systematic and professional plastic product supply chain.

In industrial packaging, logistics, warehousing, and delivery support, we continue to develop and design fast, convenient, durable, efficient, and automated new products.
In household plastic boutique items, we will continue to develop new varieties of user-friendly, thoughtful, practical, and convenient products, thereby improving modern people’s high-quality life.

“Quality first” and “service first” is the company’s business benchmark. We look forward to receiving more feedback and encouragement from you. Thank you.