Business Item

◆ Innovative ODM Model

Shin Tai Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. engages in R&D and design, CNC processing center molding, and injection mold production for customers according to their plastic product needs.


◆ 3D Design and RP Model Proofing

After communication in detail, Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. integrates the ideas of its business customers to engage in R&D, design, and speedy establishment of 3D simulation diagrams and RP model proofing.


◆Mold Design and Manufacturing Development

Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. made its fortune out of mold R&D and manufacturing, with 40 years of experience. In addition, with the addition of mold production equipment, the importation of CATIA and NX software, and uninterrupted SOP, mold development technology has become an important support for the Department of Plastic Injection Molding.


◆Automated Logistic Storage Plastic Palletsand Logistics boxes

Under the premise of constantly streamlining the logistic warehousing space, Shin Tai has extensively engaged in the development and research of plastic pallets and logistics boxes to meet space-saving and smooth transportation needs. It serves the logistic operators’ and companies in warehousing management through nearly 100 plastic pallet specifications.


◆ Fruit and Vegetable Baskets, Plastic Boxes

A variety of fruit storage and transportation featuring durability and affordability are designed for farmers and fishermen. In addition, the beer barrels of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, and dual-color and folding-type logistics boxes of 7-Eleven and FamilyMart Convenience Stores are products from Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

◆ The Recycling of Various Plastic Resources

Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is an environmental recycling manufacturer approved by the government. Upholding the principles of cherishing resources, reducing the load on the environment, and resource recycling and reuse, all the products of Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. have 100% recycling and reuse rates.

◆Industrial Plastic Pallets

In terms of plastic pallets, plastic pallets specially for export are used in pace of wooden pallets. Economical and portable, they can be stacked to save space and avoid smoking. Our customers include AUO, Chi Mei, Uni-President, Wei Chuan, and other companies. The annual output reaches 1,400,000 pieces. 


◆Plastic Barrels

In 2009, the company officially commenced plastic packaging container production. With 40 years of professional mold production experience and 24-hour uninterrupted mass production and supply, coupled with automated warehousing and delivery, we insist on the highest quality of supply for customers.

◆Large Plastic Injection Molding

Shin Tai Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. has put in considerable efforts into product innovation and R&D. Currently, it has seven large injection molding machines with a clamping force exceeding 2,000 tons. They include: three 4,000-ton plastic injection molding machines from Japan designated for producing plastic industrial palletsand large plastic parts, thereby substantively increasing product quality and supply capacity.

  • Location: Taiwan
  • Safety/Quality Approval(s): ISO 9001
  • Product Lines:
    • Innovated ODM model
    • 3D Design and Rapid Prototyping Parts
    • Mold design and manufacturing development
    • Automatic Storage/Automatic Retrieval (AS/RS)
    • Plastic Pallets and Logistic Crates
    • Vegetables and Fruit Plastic Container
    • Various Plastics Recycling
    • Industrial Plastic Pallets
    • Plastic Outdoor Furniture and Household goods
    • Plastic Pails
    • Large Size Plastic Injection Processing
    • Organizer