Founded in Taipei City, Taiwan, the demand for plastic products at the time increased greatly..
Innovative ODM Model Shin Tai Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. engages in R&D and design...
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Company Values
Shin Tai is a plastic pallet and logistic box manufacturer dedicated to providing quality products and services for our clients. We sell and lease a complete collection of plastic pallets and boxes in sizes and types for storage and transportation. Aside from the stock products, custom models are also available on request. Shin Tai uses plastic to manufacture pallets because of its weathering, corrosion, and chemical resistance. In addition, Shin Tai’s signature structural design and dual-color injection molding process ensure excellent product quality and hence more extended service life.
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  • Manufacturing Processes 
  • Product Development Flowchart 
  • Forward and Reverse Engineering 
  • 3-D Product Design 
  • Mold Flow Analysis 
  • Mold Design and CNC Machining Process Flow 
  • Research Development Case Studies
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