Founded in Taipei City, Taiwan, the demand for plastic products at the time increased greatly..
Innovative ODM Model Shin Tai Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. engages in R&D and design...
International exhibition information, welcome to communicate with us...
Company Values
We work day and night with dedication and non-stop working effort. Along with the spirit of hard-working and simple, down to earth, inquisitive attitude, we strive to create superior products and services contributing to the community both locally and globally.
Specializing in industrial packaging, logistics warehousing, and distribution support, we continue to do research and development and design fast, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and automated new products.
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  • Manufacturing Processes 
  • Product Development Flowchart 
  • Forward and Reverse Engineering 
  • 3-D Product Design 
  • Mold Flow Analysis 
  • Mold Design and CNC Machining Process Flow 
  • Research Development Case Studies
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