1970 : Founded in Taipei City, Taiwan, the demand for plastic products at the time increased greatly, and plastic injection molding technology gradually reached maturity.

1975 : Expanded the plant to the Taoyuan Plant occupying an area of 1,500 pings  (4958.7 square meters).

1982 : Relocated to the Jhongli Industrial Park occupying an area of 4000 pings  (13,223 square meters) and set up the commercial headquarters.

1987 : Set up the Chiayi plant occupying area of 12,000 pings (39,669 square meters).

1988 : Established the Hua Yu Logistics Limited engaged in logistic delivery services.

1996 : Established the shinplast company in the United States engaged in delivery  warehousing.

2002 : Obtained ISO9001: 2008 plastic injection molding plant certification.

2009 : Set up six fast injection molding machines and entered the containing  packaging industry.

2011 : The automated storage with 3700 automated storage spaces and the new  plant were completed and commenced  production in 2014.

2018 : Fully launched the all-electric injection molding machines and entered the era of energy-saving production.